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javaThis is the home page containing links to topics on Java as used in an IBM iSeries environment. Included are references to other languages such as RPG, however posts will mostly cover the Java development realm as it relates to Tomcat and WebSphere running on the iSeries. Other topics will range from coding practices reflecting industry standards to development ideas, tips and techniques.

Best Practices and Standards

Standards. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are a necessary part of program development. Without them developmental chaos will reign supreme and will usually add up to time, effort and money wasted, none of which are desirable.

This post focuses on best practices to employ while developing Java applications and presents topics such as naming conventions, screen design, source control, etc.

This post presents naming standards for files and their fields.

Apache Tomcat

tomcatThere is nothing more important to a web application than the server. Without it, there is literally nothing. So, without further buildup, we’ll get straight to the topic of configuring a Tomcat server for web applications. There’s more than just the install.


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